Monday, January 24, 2011

New Great list of Apps!

If you click on this site, there are six schools who have produced spreadsheets on apps.  I clicked on the second one and there are hundreds of apps listed and reviewed.

Because it is a spreadsheet you can sort by subject and grade….it’s fabulous….try it out:

let me know what you think (either reply to all, or post to the Blog)



erin said...

What can you say but, WOW! The lists are very good and comprehensive. I will say I am a little overwhelmed but I made my own list of apps to check out.

I have only had a few days with the iPad with students due to our lovely weather, but I can say it has created a lot of excitement in my third grade class. My students have done a great job of taking turns and working in pairs on the iPad. From the first day my students have been suggesting apps that I need to find to go on the iPad (Miss Sucher - Can it help me with my spelling words?) They seem to know even more about the iPad than I do. So far we have used Media Slate, in class all of the students have dry erase boards that we use in math and now the Media Slate App does the same thing. We are also working on mastering our multiplication facts and students have been practicing in pairs using the app ArithmeTick. We are also finding unfamiliar words for our nonfiction scrapbook project and have been using the app to find the word meanings.

Personally for myself, I am in love with the calendar and the notes. It is very easy to take to a meeting and take notes. You can even email them to yourself. I also used the iPad to progress monitor my students. This was very easy because I took the passages from the AimsWeb site and was able to put them on iBooks. The students read the passage from the iPad and then I immediately entered their score and was able to show them their graph so they could see how they were doing. This actually saved time!!

The battery life is amazing!

I look forward to trying out some new apps from this list!


L. Holliday said...

These lists are very helpful! I still need to look through them more, but I like that I can sort by subject area and grade level!
I have posted some of my thoughts along with images created by one of my students on my blog at

erin said...

I found another great app on this list. It is called Confer Lite, it is free, the full version is about $10. It was created by a second grade teacher in Seattle and it has a great tutorial YouTube video. The app is for student conferencing for reading and writing workshop. I am using it with my writing workshop. My students are working on personal narratives. In this app you can put in the subject, students, write a tag, teaching point, and next steps. The best part of this is that once that is done you can sort by those groups you used and make small instructional groups and flag individual students who need help. It is much better than my clipboard notes.

If you try the Lite version you can only put 10 students in a subject, to put more in you have to buy the full version. I just went ahead and made multiple subjects and was able to enter all of my students.


Mbrox said...

Another website that lists reviews of apps



Melanie Broxterman said...

For the art teachers out there.....
30 best iPhone apps for art teachers

Melanie Broxterman said...
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Melanie Broxterman said...

another great spreadsheet of apps...these are apps geared for people with Autism, but not exclusive to those individuals.

Melanie Broxterman said...

Interesting article....ipad as interactive whiteboard, forget about using your smartboard....started a interesting discussion in the message board


Melanie Broxterman said...

Another website.......
Mobile learning

Library Lady said...

So far, so good. The apps are overwhelming. Everytime I go to a spreadsheet looking for a recommendation on a specific type of app I get side tracked with something else that looks amazing. I really need to get back to the Shakespeare app I saw and download it!

Mainly, I have been using it as an ereader. I have downloaded books from the iBook store and from the public library. It took me a little bit to get use to reading on the iPad, but I did enjoy it. However, I was extremely nervous about taking it to the beach and getting sand in it, so using it as an ereader does have limitations.

I have also been exploring reading and reading apps for beginning readers. My daughter loves the Bob Books app. The free light version is amazing and I would love to try the full version. Hint, hint Mr. Dugan :) I recommend the Bob books to parents a lot, and I will add this app to my recommendations.

As I continue to explore using the iPad as an eReader, I will also start to explore it's potential as a research tool and the most practical ways to transfer research onto a device for students to create an end product. And/or multimedia apps for creating end products by students.

Simple user things I like about it: switching email accounts back and forth; always on; great battery life; screen size compared to an ipod touch.

Amy Price

Anonymous said...

Technology in Special education.