Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Call for Comments!

As the iPad project (and the school year) winds down, it's a good time to give some last reflections on the BLog.  We ended up with a total of 52 iPads split into groups with about 1/2  directly/individually in teacher hands, about 40% directly in the hands of students and about 10% with administrators.  3 of the iPads have 3G capability, but my opinion on that is that it's easier and less costly to finishing making all of our buildings wireless. We aren't there quite yet, but we're getting closer.  Two of the iPads are the new version, which is exciting (the new version is clearly faster, has a camera, and has a few unique features that make it even more splendid than the first).  There are really 3 questions to answer.  First, is it worth the money ($500 each)?  Secondly, if you could exchange it for a laptop (netbook/mini laptop is about the equivalent) would you rather have that or the ipad?  Third, long term, what are your thoughts about upkeep (are they sturdy enough) and usability?  Thanks to everyone who has participated in the project!